Orchid Tower

The goal of this competition was to create a new iconic tower for Taiwan in the capital city of Taipei to celebrate the country’s rich history and national identity.  Officially designated as the National Flower of Taiwan, the plum blossom symbolized resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity because they often bloom in full during the harsh winter months.  Using the Seagram Building as a model for the archetype skyscraper, the design for the Taipei tower dissects components of the Seagram and translates them into a modern language.  These modern components were then arranged into a structural scaffold that references the qualities of the plant such as root structure and fiber patterns.

In the tower are hanging gardens and native Taiwan flora, particularly the plum blossom.  Integrated with the scaffold is a hydroponic system that utilizes the tropical air to condense moisture and form waterbeds that hydrate the plant life in the tower.

Visitors to the tower travel up a winding ramp and are able to observe the plant life of this vertical garden.  Since the façade is a structural scaffold and not a curtain wall that separates interior and exterior space, wildlife such as birds, insects, and small mammals may find their way into the tower making it their adopted home.  At the top, visitors terminate at an observation deck.  On this deck, the vastness of Taipei’s powerful development as one of the Asian Tiger nations can be observed.

My responsibilities for this project included 3d modeling, developing structural & systems diagrams, creating a competition package, and rendering.  The competition included a team of three – a professor and two students.

. . .



diagram_big section

render_interiorINTERIOR RENDER


orchid siteplan_1

render_exteriorEXTERIOR RENDER


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